Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is it a Game Anymore?

In my, It's Only Sports article ( ) you will read on why I have followed Sports all my life.  Unfortunately, that love is getting tainted, why, because the athletes that play the sports and the individuals that cover the sports have forgotten that Sports is a game. Individuals like myself watch and go to them are wanting to be forget about the day to day struggles.

Today's game is more about athletes, coaches and media protesting topics that they don't understand or protesting because there star is dimming and need a boost.  These individuals protest racism in the police for murdering their fellow black citizens or because they don't like the outcome of a Political vote.  The majority of these individuals don't even know the facts, they just follow someone like Colin Kaepernick (who did not even vote), which I have full confidence in saying that these individuals don't even know the statics of what they are protesting.  As in the facts, in 2015, Blacks kill by Police 1%, Blacks Killed by Other Blacks, 97%, if you want to change things lets first look at yourself and your community.   I would like these young individuals to talk to Jim Brown and John Carlos that actually lived with these walls put up against them and now what true racism is in the sports arena.

There has been and will always be protests in the sports arena, because it is a good platform to get discussions going, when there is truly something to protest about. The issue is the media promotes everything as life alternating issue, the media is the ultimate "cry wolf scenario" and when there is actually something that needs to be heard it goes on deaf ears and most of the time the media only highlights the black causes.  Here is some more statics for you regarding racism in sports, the NFL is 68% Black and the NBA is 80% Black and MLB in my opinion is the most diverse, Latinos 29%, Asians 2%, White 58.8 % and Blacks 9%: Is this racism?  What racism is that the Black Community and Athletes can call their group of friends their "Posse", but when I white Hall of Fame coach says it , it is racism.  YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

I would say there is more sexism and lack of acknowledgement of other sports then racism.  I am one that watch the better known sports and I enjoy them, but I am also one that acknowledge every individual that plays a sport, women or men, no matter what sport should get full respect from every sports fan.  I am also one that believe that if you have the talent and the fan base you should be paid accordingly, I don't believe that individuals should be paid the same as other sports if the pay is not earned or if the product is unable to pay the amount.  But this goes back to the fans and the media, start supporting women sports and lesser known sports.  Once the backing is there then professional pay for these sports will increase.  There is a difference between Men and Women's basketball, but that doesn't mean that one is better or worse then the other, they are just different and that is good.  I don't want Men's Baseball and Women's Softball to be the same, I like the differences, it make the players and sports unique.  Don't blur the lines of Women and Men sports, they should be different, just blur the lines of enjoying the sport know matter the gender who plays it.

If a athlete or coach has truly a strong opinion on a cause I hope he or she will feel strongly enough about it to get all the facts on both sides and look in the mirror and ask yourself this question, Am I doing what I can to help this cause as an Individual?  If not, then start working on the cause as an Individual, when you can answer yes to the question , then start using your notoriety to promote the cause even further.  if you go straight to using your notoriety to promote and you as an individual has not improved yourself for the cause then you are a hypocrite.  Sports is a great GAME, lets remember that and go out and play catch!

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