Friday, January 29, 2016

The Avarice of Sports

Avarice:  a strong desire to have or get money; greediness
In todays era of sports there is no doubt that money, more then ever drives most Major League Sports and this money also flows into the Football and Basketball Collegic arena.  Fans of today era understands this and most fans, like myself, accepts it, we may not like it but we accept it.  But where does the "enough is enough" threshold of money in sports end?
With the increasing avenues to watch sports, through television, Mobile Devices, etc.. the networks offer big money to Major League Sports and Collegic Sports to have exclusive rights to air specific sports and outside of network money the next biggest money grabber is suites aimed toward corporations.  I don't fault any company or sport to capitalize gains and make a profit, but with all this big money from the network and suites, the owners and leagues greed comes in at the big games.
In 2015 the average ticket for a standard seat at a NFL Game is $85.83, but the average ticket for the 2016 Super Bowl is exceeding $4,000 for one ticket.  I understand that the individual doesn't need to purchase these tickets and it is up to the market to accept or reject the pricing, but the greed of the NFL and other sports will start to deter the average fans.  You hear from the NFL PA along with the other Major Sports that they market to the average fan and without the average fan we would not have a sport.  If that is the case then, what average fan can afford a $4,000 Super Bowl ticket or a $600 World Series ticket?  This is the case of, "thank you for paying for the band, but you can't dance."
The Avarice or greed of sports will be its own demise and the only way that we as fans, in the perfect world, can save this from happening is to have half empty stadiums at the biggest events of the year, Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, BCS College Football Championship game.  Once the world sees empty stadiums the ego driven owners and presidents of the major universities will change there ways to save face, but they will say "the change is for the average fan".  Well, here is one average fan saying I can see right through your Avarice!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Detroit Lions - Why am I so Lucky!

Reading articles and hearing all of the rumors that Calvin Johnson may walk away from his contract at the age of 30 saddens me as a Detroit Lions fan.  The reasoning behind my state is not what you may think.  It is not because Calvin has so many more years ahead of him or the years that he is missing with Stafford.  What saddens me is the Detroit Lions will have yet another superstar (potential Hall of Famer) within their franchise and nothing to show for it.

When I or any Detroit Lions fan tell a fellow football fan that we are a Detroit Lions fan,  more times then not the first response is, "I am Sorry" or the national media say "Purless Lions" or "Roarless Lions".  Which at first glance they are correct, because the Lions have never won a Super Bowl nor have played in one. With that being said there is no question the franchise has as many superstars and Hall of Famers then any other franchise.  Just compiling some of the greats you come across Barry Sanders, Billy Simms, Calvin Johnson, Charlie Sanders, Bennie Blades, Chris Spielman, Mel Farr, Doug English, Harley Sewell, Ed Flanagan and these are just a start.

So back to the question why am I saddened, because the Detroit Lions management and ownership has not clue on how to put a finish product on the field.  There are so many great players, Hall of Fame players, that worn the Lion on the helmet and all of these great players deserve so much more then what they received from management.  Ownership never did that big trade or that off the board signing that wasn't the most glamours just to fill a need.  They are able to put main ingredients in to the pot, but they are unable to put the seasoning to make it perfect.  Is it that they didn't know how?  Was there to many cooks in the kitchen and not a head chef?  These question will never be answered and it saddens me that a truly great franchise with a great history of great players can not get out of their own way.

I remember speaking to my mother, which she is now passed, every season I think this maybe the year for the Lions.  Her response, " I am (this old) and I have never seen them win a Super Bowl, what makes you so lucky".  Well mom your words are so true what makes me so lucky.