Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Only Sports!

As a sports fan, you probably heard the term, ”it’s only sports” or “why get upset over sports when there is so much more important things to worry about”.   Yes, they are correct it is only sports and there are more important things out there, but sitting here typing this and thinking back throughout my 41 years on this earth and reflecting all the joys and sorrows throughout those years, sports has always been my crutch when needed and a release when called for.  
There were so many important events throughout these years more important than sports,  Marriage, births, birthdays, war, conflict, crime so many things.  As a child through my teenage years and going through all the ups and downs, there was always the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Redwings, Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Lions there to help me through the small crisis that seem so big at the time.  Like every other child and teen that loved sports we lived and died with every swing of the bat and the crushing blow a linebacker made.  Thinking
back I still feel the excitement I felt as a 10 year old when Gibby (Kirk Gibson) hit the homerun off of Gossage in the 1984 World Series or when the 1984 Tigers went on an amazing start of the season, thinking will they ever lose?

As an adult I don’t get quite as passionate for my sport teams like I did as a youth, I don’t go to bed mad or stay mad at a bad call for a week like a child.  The small crisis as a teenager turned into mortgages, kids stomach aches, dentist, deadlines, etc.   Even though all of the juvenile worries are now real world worries, the one constant is sports, I can put on a game on the Television or Radio and forget my worries for that 3-4 hour period, during this time I transport back to being that stupid little kid that got mad because I got another Lance Parrish baseball card in the pack and I really needed Tom Brookens to complete set, I forget the mortgage and bills and during this time show my kids the child that lives inside of me. 

I treasure these events as a child and now as an adult, why?  Because it is only sports and there is more important things then sports and knowing that, makes these 3-4 hour periods of time treasures that I can look back on and say yes I forgot my worries and I became that child inside again.  If you start worrying about your everyday worries, look inside and ask yourself, Do you want to go out and play catch?

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