Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rick Porcello Future Tiger Ace or Trade Bait?

When the name Rick Porcello is brought up to a group of Detroit Tiger fans you will probably get a 50/50 split on if he is going to be the pitcher of the future or trade bait this off-season. Well, tonight's game will go a long way in determining which line of thinking is correct. 

Since the 17-game winning streak that started in mid-July and ended in mid-August the Tigers are struggling to keep a .500 record.  The club's record stands at 14 wins and 17 loses with an earn run average of 4.17 for the starting pitching staff going into tonight' game vs. the White Sox.  This is why Porcello needs to have a dominate game not a 6 inning game, but an 8 inning, 2 hit, no walks type of game. Jim Leyland will also need to put his trigger finger away and leave Rick in the game as long as possible. 

With this years ace, Max Scherzer struggling in his last 3 outings and Rick struggling throughout the season this is the time for Rick to show his teammates and himself that he has the muscle to pull the Tiger's out of this pitching funk. Rick has the stuff to be a dominate pitcher he just needs to put it all together and tonight's game will be the perfect time to do it. 

With 18 games left in the regular season and if Porcello can give a masterful pitching game against the White Sox tonight it will give the Tigers a confident pitcher and could translate to a more confident pitching staff for the rest of the season and once the playoff starts.

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