Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nick Castellanos Tigers future Second Baseman?

With the MLB trading deadline rapidly approaching, there are many rumors of the Detroit Tigers trading for a second baseman, which I will be OK with only if it’s a rental and the Tigers don’t give up too much in the trade.  Why a rental because I personally think they already have their future second baseman in the farm system, Nick Castellanos. With this being said, I would not rush Nick Castellanos up this year, if the Tigers want to see what he can do with major league pitching then bring him up when the rosters are extended at the end of the year, but I would not play him in any new positions till next year.

There are also reports stating the Tigers are trying Nick in left field, one question...Why? Currently you have Jackson, Berry, Boesch and Dirks (when he gets off of the DL). I am probably in the minority, but I would give Boesch and Dirks time, this is the second season for both in the major leagues and they both show pop in their bats. Nick Castellanos, will only get lost in the shuffle, especially with Leyland at the helm, how Leyland plays musical chairs in the outfield, Nick will not get enough at bats to show his true potential. Second base will be Nick's for the taking and he will not feel any pressure on being replaced, why because there is no one to replace him with. I don't see anyone screaming put in Ryan Rayburn.

I also hear the argument that his 6' 4", 200 LB frame is too big for second base. My reply is who is arguably the best 2nd baseman in MLB today?  The answer: Robinson Cano and his profile: 6'0" and 210 LB.  Even the great Jackie Robinson was 5’11” and 195 LB.

The Detroit Tigers need to look within the organization and ask themselves, what do we have in the farm system and can the farm system fill in the  holes on the major league team? Yes, I know the Tigers (and probably all MLB teams ask themselves that question every year), but the problem is if the answer is yes, then the Tigers need to make the move, even if it’s not a popular one and the fans need to be patient and be open to the decision. I am as impatient as the next sports fan and want results now, but if all involved from the MLB club to the fans and especially the player that would we willing to change positions are on board then everyone wins. The Tigers wouldn't have to trade away their top prospects for rentals or players with huge contracts that would inflate the payroll and if the player is willing to change positions it will get him to the MLB club quicker and the fans patience will be rewarded with many years of success.

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